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Red Dot sigti.
Passar á Weaver basa
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Tactical red dot collimator with automatic intensity adjustment
This reflection collimator with tubeless design allows you to have a wide field of
It is suitable for rapid shooting or for shooting at moving targets, in addition to normal shooting
The automatic regulation of the light intensity of the red point guaranteed by the
integrated circuits allows to balance the brightness level of the target point according to the
variation of the ambient light. The brightness sensor on the front of the
collimator detects the brightness in the direction of the target.
When the environment is dark, the intensity of the red dot will be decreased.
When the environment is clear, the red dot will shine brighter.
The red dot is factory adjusted to be parallax free at 40 yards.
This adjustment ensures that parallax errors are minimized over a
wide range of distances.
The collimator does not contain a separate ignition switch.
When the red dot is covered, it enters power saving mode (off).
When the lid is removed, it automatically turns back on.

Battery Installation:
Using the Allen key provided, remove the two hex screws (4).
Turn the collimator upside down to remove the bottom (with Weaver base).
Insert the 3 Volt lithium battery (Cr2032).
The red dot comes with a battery included in the package.
The collimator is adaptable on standard Weaver slides.