kr.109,990 m/Vsk

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The Booster XT 36.1 is a multi-purpose compound bow. Suitabale for both field and targa shooting. The milled riser is slightly reflected and available in 8 anodised colors. The integrated grip is comfortable and allows excellent stability and control of the bow during aming. The bow uses the Dual Syncro Cam that guaratees you: a regular fluidity, precise traction and an excellent speed of the arrow. The cams are available in two different sizes that allow, though the adjustement of the module and without the aid of a press, to obtain draw lenght from 25,5″ to 28.5″ (cam 2) and from 27.5″ to 31.5″ (cam 1). The draw weight of the bow can be decreased up to a maximum of 15#.

Available in anodised colors: black, blue, green, orange, purple, turquoise and gray.