Kemur í 4 stærðum

60-75-90 og 132cm hægt að skipta um innri hring í 132cm
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According to Booster a target mat is a real target mat only if it both stops the arrow and preserves the arrow itself. According to Booster a target cannot be considered a target mat if, although it fulfills one of its two aims, it damages the arrow – even if not seriously – with an abrasive action that progressively changes the weight and spine properties. Booster believes that the targets of the new Competition line perfectly interpret the idea of what a target mat should be. Thanks to the use of high density foam and of other technologies, these targets are able to assure optimum durability (more than a straw target), an interchangeable core (which allows a further improvement in the life of the target itself) and total stability under the most different weather conditions. Booster Competition targets have been used with success at the Olympic Games and at the World Championships and it represents an optimum choice for all clubs and individual archers. For all the high density foam targets it is advisable to use an arrow lubricant to help pull the arrows in an easier way. Booster’s Competition Target line is offered in four different sizes: 60, 75, 90 and 132 cm. The 132 cm version allows you to change the inner core (60 cm) extending this way the durability of the target at a reduced cost. The 132 cm size is available also in the Plus version that offers an even stronger inner core.


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