HAWKE ENDURANCE 30 WA IR SF 6-24X50 Marksman 223/308 RETICLE

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Designed for all hunting disciplines – from varmint to big game.
All models feature Hawke’s new H5 optics which boasts a stunning 24° ultra-wide field of view with generous 100mm eye relief.
Þessi sjónauki er Second focal plane og hér er hægt að sjá muninn. Útskýringa á First og Second focal plane

The H5 illumination system features multi-LED technology for high intensity illumination.

Exposed, Locking Turrets
30mm Mono-Tube Chassis
Side Focus
Ultra-Wide Angle 24° FOV
High Volume Eyebox
100mm Eye Relief
Multi-LED High Intensity Reticle
High Grade, Low Dispersion Crown Glass
18 Layer Fully Multi-Coated Lenses
High Torque Rubber Zoom Ring
Fast Focus Eyebell
Nitrogen purged. Shockproof. Waterproof. Fog proof.

All calibre rated.

Hawke No-Fault Lifetime Warranty.
Færsla 1/4 MOA
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.223/.308 Marksman Reticle (24×)
.223/.308 Marksman reticles are designed to be accurate when the scope in use is adjusted to the maximum magnification. The prominent center cross is used as the 100 yard zero. Once zeroed, the remaining hold-over aim points, out to 600 yards, fall into place. The reticle can also be used for 100m zero and with aimpoints out to 600m, by reducing the magnification accordingly. The distance markers are glass etched for your reference. Hawke has carried out the complicated ballistic math, so you don’t have to!