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Heavy duty layered foam archery targets – Lighter than straw, kind to arrows and weather resistant.

Very popular style of target used all over the country for competitions, club and leisure use.

Height of target may very from batch to batch.
Please note, colour of the foam may vary!
Overall Size: Approx 60cm wide, 75cm tall, 30cm deep
Overall Weight: Approx 8.6kg
Suitable usage guide:

Competition compound bows – Yes
Competition recurve bows – Yes
Leisure compound bows – Yes
Leisure recurve bows – Yes
Traditional bows – Yes
Full size crossbows – Yes
Pistol crossbows – No

A note from Merlin regarding stopping power:

It is a versatile target system suitable for both leisure and tournament use.

However – please keep in mind that we offer no guarantee that they will stop ALL arrow types from ALL bow types.

For example, even the most expensive £500 targets have difficulty stopping carbon arrows from high performance bows. These layered foam targets are manufactured from recycled foam sheets. The thickness, colour and density of this foam varies. We have no control of this as it is dependant entirely on foam availability. It is because of this that a foam target of this size can be sold at an artificially low price.

These are very good targets for the price. But please balance your expectations with the type of equipment being used.

High performance bows with “X10” style arrows will likely require extra packing or a target ‘nappie’. If it is raining, arrows will penetrate more deeply as friction between the layers decreases.

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Þyngd 8.6 kg
Ummál 60 × 30 × 75 cm